Arizona State Association of Parliamentarians

Most US states have an Association, which helps coordinate the activities of the units within a state. Our Arizona State Association of Parliamentarians — which we often refer to simply as ASAP — assists all the units in our state.

Officers, both elected and appointed, and other representatives of and to the Association are listed here. An Executive Board meets quarterly and is composed of elected and appointed officers plus representatives at each unit.

Elected Officers

PresidentMarilyn Newman, PRP
Vice PresidentJulia Johnson
SecretarySusan Wilson, PRP
TreasurerMarie Frasca, RP

Appointed Officers

ParliamentarianMike Peck, PRP
EditorWylene Bridgeman
HistorianAnne Lack

Standing Committees

Committee NameChairMembers
BylawsBarbara Horton, PRP-R
EducationSaundra Engle, RPVivian Vincent, PRP
FinanceJulie JohnsonMarie Frasca RP
MembershipTerri Gage
PublicityPam Koester RP
Web SiteRay HarwoodMarie Frasca RP
YouthAl Gage, PRP

Unit Representatives to Executive Board

Arizona Agua FriaRay Harwood
Arizona AlphaJoe Neglia PRP
Arizona PRPMarie Frasca RP
Bradshaw MountainAnne Lack
Old PuebloJoe Theobald, PRP
Valle del SolWylene Bridgeman