ASAP Annual Meeting 2022

Date: Saturday August 20, 2022 from 9am to 4pm

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Workshop #1

A Baker’s Dozen (Debunking 13 Myths of Parliamentary Law)

Presenter: David Mezzera, PRP. Past President of the California Association and former District Eight Director. Frequent workshop presenter at NAP and D-8 conventions and past presenter at ASAP, Agua Fria and PRP Unit conferences.

Description: Have you experienced supposed “experts” in Robert’s Rules blurt out rules and decrees about parliamentary procedure that you knew just weren’t right (such as: the presiding officer may only vote to break a tie, only one motion may be on the floor at any one time, or you can’t have a meeting without a quorum present)? This workshop will debunk these and other parliamentary myths (13 in all!). Be prepared to challenge some stereotypical myths of parliamentary procedure.

Workshop #2

The Audacious and Powerful One: What One Member Can Do

Presenter: Lucy Anderson, JD, PRP, CP-T

Description: Coming soon…